1. How to use solarized water?
In a blue or transparent glass bottle or jar, fill with water and place it under the sun for 30 minutes or more, then we can use it to:
– Drink, if potable water was placed.
– Clean the home.
– It can be used with meals.

2. How many times a day should I drink solar water?
The more you take, the better. There are no rules for it. Well, the more we drink, we will be erasing memories rapidly.

3. Can patients drink solarized water?
This water is indicated especially for sick people, since it treats, prevents, and controls 99.99% of diseases.

4. If I drink solar water, should I stop my medicines?
Medicines should not be suspended until the doctor indicates it, you will know that the solar water has healed you, however, no medical treatment should be suspended.

5. If I do not get a blue bottle, what can I do to get the solar water?
It is recommended to line the glass bottle or jar with blue cellophane, and this has the same healing effect.

Solarized Water

6. What other method can I use to obtain solarized water if it is winter or little sun in my country?
The glass bottle can be placed under a lamp with a common incandescent bulb, the one we have at home. It is placed 1 hour or more. It is optional.

7. What harm does drink solar water cause me?
Solar water does not cause any damage to the body, since it is pure, neutral, and solarized water, that is, designed to heal and not to make you sick.

8. Can I give my children solarized water?
With total confidence, because everyone can drink from this blessed gift that the Universe gives us, we all have memories, and our job is to erase them. It is recommended for those aggressive, anxious, stressed, or rebellious children or young people since while they are drinking, they are healing those memories that lead them to that attitude.

9.Who says that solarized water is good and healing?
Numerous studies have determined the wonderful effects that this water irradiated with solar energy experts on the body, from preventing diseases by increasing the body’s defenses, such as healing a terrible Diabetes, since it regulates pancreatic functioning.

10. What functions does solarized water perform?
-In the mind: Erases negative memories from the subconscious.
-In the cells of the body: erase negative genetic information, restoring DNA.
-In the body, healing from physical wounds, increasing the immune system, and restoring tissues, organs, and cells. Leaving the body pure and new in 3 months of treatment.
-In emotions: Decode sentimental memories and restore emotional wounds.

11. Why should a bottle be blue and not another color?
All colors in chromotherapy are used for a specific situation, but the blue color groups together to heal all diseases and situations, for this reason blue or transparent is recommended.

12. How can solar water heal me or erase memories?
It was determined that water that is positively charged and irradiated with solar water has a powerful repairing effect, and carries away all physical, emotional, and mental impurities, leaving a clean space for our cells to prevent their aging and death.

13. Should I say a mantra when I am serving or drinking the solar water?
– This is optional, we can repeat “THANK YOU THANK YOU” every time we drink water. We can also say mantras like “I bless this water to restore my whole being.” It is totally optional, without rules, there are those who do not say a word; however, the water still does its job.

14. What benefits do I get from solar water?
– Clear memories
-Away negative energies
-Decrease emotional vampires.
-Heal physical and emotional wounds.
-Purifies the body in 3 months.
-Restores damaged organs.
-Prevents, controls, and heals diseases.