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Arcturian Quantum Healing

Quantum healing of energy transfer and reset, is the new healing for the fifth dimension.
This quantum healing was delivered in 2018 by the Arcturians, it is the only healing modality that provides the following benefits:

  • Remove all low frequencies and energy blocks from the human body, from the energy field and from all timelines in all incarnations including your history in your Akashic records.
  • Remove implants and dense energies attached to you.
  • Start a rejuvenation process that changes your DNA.
  • Reset your soul back to its pure state in which it existed before incarnations.
  • Provides quantum, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.
  • Raise your frequency allowing you to connect with your spiritual guides.
  • Allows all kinds of physical healings to occur, including the healing of disabilities and terminal illnesses.
  • It is beneficial for humans, pets, and for any being that is incarnated.

Also, beings who have disincarnated can help each other and thus reach their next level of evolution faster.

The quantum healing resets the soul to a pure state by clearing the low frequencies that are below the fifth dimension.

For people who suffer daily with emotional pain, physical pain, trauma, many times these are indicators that there are implants and there are possessions of other entities in you.

This healing begins a rejuvenation process when this healing is facilitated in a person, there is a team of beings that work on the person to begin rejuvenation. Arcturians have explained that it takes a year to reverse 5 years of aging.

This healing provides a quantum healing on all levels, physical, mental, and spiritual, raising your personal frequency, which makes you easily connect with your spiritual guide and accelerating your ascension to the fifth dimension allowing you to find your life purpose.