Bioenergy Healing

Every living being, to a lesser or greater extent, is a transmitter of energy


It takes energy to move the life machine. In reality, there is necessary energy in the movement of all things, living or nonliving.
All the things that surround us in the universe are composed of energy and it is the constant vibration that allows us to see these things around us. Its theoretical foundations can be synthesized in three very general points.

  1. Every living organism, especially the human being, captures and emits its own energy.
  2. This energy can be oriented towards the destruction of the organism itself or towards its full development.
  3. It is possible, through special techniques, to channel energy appropriately in such a way that it positively influences energy disorders in the body, affecting both mental and physical health.

BIOENERGY according to Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran, emphasizes the activity of magnetic fields, since with this new system there are no longer hidden or unreachable places in diseased organisms. And it was understood and proven that the mind can replace magnetic energy and this new form of treatment opens up new horizons for biomedical research; since it allows us to practice concepts of psychology (relaxation method).