Salt lamps are powerful energy tools with amazing healing powers, capable of transforming the energy of an environment, turning it from negative to positive. Although it is true that only a few decades ago we lived perfectly without so many electronic devices, today, computers, cell phones, microwaves and other types of devices of this nature abound in our environment. The electromagnetic waves emitted by this type of artifact, can harm our health in a great way, causing us insomnia, allergies, tension and even anxiety and depression. The World Health Organization has classified electronics as “one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences” , It is considered urgent to find energy sources capable of neutralizing positive ions among us, to avoid a large variety of ailments in our health.

The BENEFITS of negative ions, those that are originated in natural environments, which have the impressive power of attracting positive ions, in order to neutralize them and remove their properties that are harmful to our health.

  • Negative ions are even capable of stimulating the flow of oxygen to our brain, thus making us enjoy a full state of harmony and relaxation.

Most of the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are manifested due to the great contribution of negative ions that this type of artifact provides to the environment in which they are found.


What is and how does a Himalayan salt lamp work?

  • The Himalayan salt lamps are blocks of salt from the ancient oceans, which are called “vitamins of the air” due to their high natural properties capable of cleaning any environment endowed with energy polluting.
  • These salt lamps can be found in large blocks, or also in small decorative crystals … They look great when decorating our room!
  • These lamps emit negative ions which are created when the interior bulb of the lamp heats up and attracts all the humidity from the environment. It is for this reason that sometimes our salt lamps become damp and even wet.


  • They immediately improve the air quality of the environment in which they are located.
  • They help to express a clear feeling of relaxation and purity.
  • They improve various health disorders and maintain good health in general
  • Help reduce asthma and allergy symptoms.
  • Relieve coughs.
  • Increase positive energy.
  • They neutralize electromagnetic radiation.
  • They help to fall asleep in a better way.
  • They help improve concentration.
  • They reduce static in the air.

When and where to use Himalayan salt lamps at home?

First of all, we recommend that you have more than one salt lamp in your home; these are like plants, the more you have, the better. Place your Himalayan salt lamps in the areas of your home where you spend the most time, and mainly in the rooms that have more electronic pollution (in which there is more presence of electronic devices). Himalayan salt lamps can be an excellent option to purify your environments.