What does this symptom of awakening mean?

Hearing these frequencies is something that is beyond ordinary perception and is due to increased spiritual awareness. If you are on the path of spiritual growth and you start to experience this phenomenon, do not be afraid as it is an excellent sign.

Ringing in your ears can also be a sign that your clairaudience is opening up (psychic sense of hearing) or that your spirit guides, angels, or a spirit are trying to communicate with you. Some people also experience such a spiritual phenomenon as whispering in the ear, and you may notice a difference between the left and right ears.

Being able to notice these very subtle energetic frequencies has a lot to do with your evolved perception of the energies. This means that people who are not spiritually evolved may not hear them at all, or they might hear only the lower frequencies.

These frequencies are coded messages from something that is trying to get your attention. And depending on the feelings they provoke, you can easily distinguish the benevolent from the malevolent.

How do you feel? Who or what do you feel the buzz coming from? Do you feel at peace?

Be receptive to receiving any message or transmission of energy. Sometimes the ringing can become too loud. This is a sign that you are exceptionally sensitive to the energies around you. In this case, you may even feel that your mood swings, that the energies affect you too much. However, there is a way to tune in, if you can’t cope right now.

The next time it happens to you, take a moment and be still, breathe, and really tune in. Sometimes we need to learn to control the intake of information around us, as it can be too overwhelming.

Tell us, did you listen to this buzzing and ringing noise lately? did you notice if you react with a specific feeling? The incoming energy sources are increasing as they relate to the Schumann Resonance. We are part of a great transition of elevating energies on the earth affecting our own frequencies, enjoy the ride!