Our Mother Gaia

Gaia, a term mentioned for the first time by James Lovelock in 1969, and after, by the American Lyn Margulis in her studies on Microbiology, where the principal argument was “the Earth regulates its own life through the smallest organisms” basically giving us information that our planet earth is alive and not just a collection of elements. (An organized system).
According to this theory, Gaia is a living thing and she is capable to not only hold other lives but behaves as a huge organic element that can change its composition to ensure her existence.


The word Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. And if we can really understand the concept, this is exactly how Gaia cooperates and evolves with water, animals, trees, and any other living organisms.
Gaia was born from a supernova star; overtime and with enough energy to attract elements from the galaxy like carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen (the essential ingredients for the development of organic material), gravity push the dense elements to the center and the light elements to the surface. And with patience and time the earth “Gaia” was a perfected and harmonious living being.
This has affected our spiritual or holistic beliefs since the beginning of humanity, as every culture in our history names Gaia with different terms like Pachamama, Mother Earth, The Creator, The Goddess, having as the main purpose the origins of all forms of land, plants, and creatures with pure and infinite love.
Going beyond our thoughts and traditions around the world the truth is that Gaia, our mother earth, represents the loving connection with our cosmic self.


The love and connection with Gaia

As complicated as it can be to understand and what to believe; you know she is real and alive, and she provides us with everything we need to coexist with other species. Let’s put it this way, the love we have for our children is unconditional love and this is the same feeling we develop or feel like a natural effect when we connect with her.

The experiences we create in our lives, the best memories of our childhood usually come from the smell of a rainy day, a day on the beach, a hike in the mountains admiring the hills, the feel of the soil in our hands and laying down in the grass. Breathe and close your eyes to realize that it is here, your main connection with Mother Gaia, walk barefoot in the grass and ground yourself, creating a link with trees and other elements around you that surround your area, things like leaves, twigs, stones, clouds or water; be aware of everything as you will notice they fit together, they relate and all match perfectly, every breath we take connects us to the earth, she provides us the food and the water we need and reminds us that we depend on the earth as we live in Gaia.


How to connect with Gaia

  • Stop for a moment
  • Take your shoes off
  • Bare feet to the ground, stand, lay, or walk in the sand, grass, or soil
  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe deep and slow
  • Ground yourself with the earth
  • Focus on your connection and feel the love

Imagine a bright light coming from the sky in the top of your head and coming down toward your spine (it’s really crossing your chakras) and envision this light coming out of your feet and into the ground, this light will return back to your feet and then locate itself into your heart. Expand this light and create a big source of energy.
“Grounding is an excellent exercise that can provide many benefits, connecting with the source and your higher self will take you to a more meaningful consciousness.”