Many of us experience a variety of spiritual beliefs during our lives, it is something we do as we can’t find the answers or when the right feeling doesn’t sink in. As we get older or as we continue to experience life, we become spiritually mature,

and we are able to compare and question everything we’ve learned. When the continuous idea that something is missing persists in your mind; suddenly and when we least expected new terms and ideas show up in our lives.
The Awakening is a conscious process we are experiencing in the last few years; for some people, experiences related to their religions, culture, and traditions while for others it is a conscious belief about our planet and origins.

In all our generations and local history regardless of the place you grow up, our masters, leaders, and great grandfathers/mothers teach us important and valuable stories, in how to heal and connect with the earth “Gaia” true traditions, food and memories. This information goes hand in hand with “The Awakening” as it is the essence and an important piece in our transformation; after a fast revolution of technology, we are experiencing a real disconnection with our roots.


Reconnection is part of the transformation, but how?

  • We realize we lost touch with nature and plants
  • We question why and when we lost respect and the love for the animals
  • We start analyzing our emotions and thoughts
  • We now start creating healthy habits and taking care of ourselves
  • We discover new ways to be unique and normal regardless of the norms in our society

The result of “The Awakening“

The increase in our frequency, high frequency by demonstrating unconditional love to everything around us, this creates a high vibration in us; in other words, our inner self experiences the “Ascension”.

It is not difficult to explain because it was always in you, it was always in your roots, it was always in your heart, but we became distracted by the explosive and fast world we created. All we need to do is to become more aware of the changes and let our feelings awake and remember what is inside of you.

Listen to your heart and pay attention to your intuition. It should happen rapidly as you experience these changes. It is not hard to reconnect and become grounded. Soon you will be curious because it feels real, it feels like your real self.

Where are we ascending to?

To understand this, it is particularly important to know we are 3-dimensional beings, as we vibrate higher, we ascend to a higher dimension and right there is where we are going, The ascension to “The Fifth Dimension” Everybody will experience these changes in a different way, many faster than others, as we wake-up, you will impact the people in your surroundings, it is an ongoing process and like any other, you may become a different person and experience many symptoms explained in this site. I would like to invite you to rediscover and question everything you have been taught, reconnect with your essence, and prepare yourself for a new mindset, reset, and reprogram your spirit, we are awakening, we are ascending.